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Gujarat Vidyapeeth

Updated on: Apr 16, 2013
The Gujarat Vidyapeeth is a famous university located in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat in India. 'Vidyapith' in various languages known as University. It was earlier founded in 1920 by Mohandas Gandhi.

The university was founded on October 18th, 1920 as the Rashtriya Vidyapeeth (National University) by Mohandas Gandhi, who would serve throughout his life as the Kula-pati, or chancellor. The purpose of its establishment was to promote educational institutions run by Indians for Indians and outside the financial and governing control of British authorities. The university helped Indian nationalists establish a system of education for all Indians, thus proving the country's independence from British-run institutions, and so de-legitimizing British Raj in India. The foundation of the university was one of the first most important events in the initiative of satyagraha launched by Gandhi as a means to peacefully terminate British rule in India.

After India's independence, the Gujarat Vidyapeeth in modern times flourished as an deemed university in 1963, and it is funded and governed by the University Grants Commission. Although considerably modernized in its structure and curriculum, the university maintains its commitment to Gandhian ideals, human studies, social service and development work.

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